FOAM for the ICUs

A list of some of the FOAM which I have found to be most helpful for my ICU rotations.


EMCRIT – Dominate the Vent Series

Excellent vent talk. Essential for any resident that spends anytime near a vent. I have reviewed them almost each time I rotate in the ICU. –  Lung protective strategy  – Asthma/COPD exacerbation strategy

There is also an excellent review PDF available.

EMCRIT – Central Line Show 

Great tips for confirming line placement before dilation. Listen to why US guidance and post line CXR may not be good enough. – Part 1 – avoiding complication – Part 2 – placement tips – Microskills – this is a great video about some of the skills required for line placement. Practicing these skills independently really help make the whole process smoother. These are also great skills to teach interns at the beginning of an ICU rotation before you supervise them placing lines.

MARYLAND CCPROJECT  – Nathan Nielson – blood component therapy in the ICU 

Reviews what you need to know about blood products. Great history on where original PRBC threshold came from. Excellent info on platelets and procedures. How to use FFP properly. IMHO this should be required listening for all medical residents. 

FOAMCAST – Vasopressors 

Review of 2015 paper peripheral vasopressor administration + a great summary of different pressors. 

EMCRIT – Vasopressors basics 


EMCRIT – LVAD show.  

If you are starting CICU rotation and are not familiar or comfortable with LVAD basics these should be very helpfull.

Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADS)

The blunt dissection –  part man part machine – LVAD post

Really great post goes over LVAD basics and some common complications. 

Life in the fastlane – VAD page 

Lots of concise information and good recourses. 

If anyone has a good resource for Impella let me know

Please tweet @foamflea with any suggestions!


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